What a start to 2015!

I shared my short romance novel on Wattpad!
I self-published on Smashwords and e-Sentral!
And I started a blog!

Once I set my mind on something, it is usually gusto full speed ahead. Of course, I researched like crazy, learned new tricks, asked for help and developed a somewhat thick skin in the process.

What overwhelms me is the availability of information and resources out there on this thing we call the Internet and to top it off, they are free! I am amazed at the generosity of people and organizations that have made this possible by sharing their knowledge or tools with strangers and expecting nothing in return (at least not right away). Ok, yes, I am not that naive but in this case, I will choose to see the good in people! Yes, people need to make a living and organizations need to survive and prosper in a competitive and cutthroat world….but I am still thankful my dream of publishing is made possible by these people and entities.

A huge shout out to Smashwords and Mark Coker! I read everything Mark recommended, followed the style guide to a tee, and voila! My book was published! That’s only half the story. The website is intuitive, and full of great nuggets for the self publisher including a feature rich dashboard. Smashwords is also an aggregator and without you lifting a finger, your book is distributed within days to some of the largest retailers out there. All these without charging a price! I feel bad that my free ebook will never earn Smashwords a dime but hopefully good karma will come out of this goodwill.

Given the backdrop of my romance novel and my Malaysian background, I wanted to share my book with a Southeast Asian audience and was thrilled to stumble upon e-Sentral. Although the website is not as easy to use and lacks the wow factor that Smashwords brings, it did the trick for me. The e-Sentral staff was fabulous and was prompt in dealing with my queries and again, all made possible for free. Of course, last but not least, thanks WordPress for making this blog possible!

Lesson #1: Research, research, research
Lesson #2: One is never too old to learn new tricks


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