Inspirations from Kdramas

I don’t speak or write Korean (but I want to learn)

I have never been to South Korea (but it is on my bucket list)

I am addicted to Korean dramas (and I am not alone)

And I am blogging about it (and I ask myself why?)

This is an age old question and the answers are aplenty on blogosphere land. In fact there are many writers and bloggers who are more eloquent than me in addressing this elusive question. Despite being a middle aged Ajumma, I am nothing more than a baby in kdrama watching, let alone kdrama blogging. In fact many of my fellow bloggers been here, done that. I just read Heisui’s and Jandoe’s thoughts on this very same question which were posted in 2013! Again, I am two years too late but the pieces are still relatable. In my humble opinion both are such superior writers and so very creative, I sit here in awe of their work.

But…I will continue to march on.

I confess to have “invested” countless hours staring at a tiny laptop or tablet screen emotionally spent chasing after my favourite kdramas.

I confess to have ignored duty and common sense by sitting through marathon screenings staying up to the wee hours of the morning; chores left undone, missed yoga classes, cancelled dinner engagements all in the name of kdramas.

Yes, it sounds terrible but there is a glimmer of hope; this addiction has led me to this point.

If models were an artist’s muse then kdrama is my inspiration; a call to action my inner desire to write; whether I am actually good at it or not, only time will tell.

Yes, I do find inspirations in other walks of life from stories about medical and aid workers volunteering in Ebola ravaged regions, to reporters covering plights of war refugees or even simple acts of kindness like reading about the Sikh man offering his shoes to a homeless guy while he himself walked home barefoot in the rain.

However, there is something about make belief characters and events from kdramas that have tugged me at the core. Therefore today, I want to share with you those poignant moments in kdramas, specifically, Misaeng that have touched and inspired me.


#1 Don’t judge a book  by its cover (Jang Geu Rae may not have hailed from a prestigious university but he is no dummy)

#2 Don’t blame your failures on lack of luck, skill or fate (Jan Geu Rae refusing to attribute his failed attempts at becoming a professional Go player to the above)

#3 “U ri” (Mr. Oh finally acknowledged Geu Rae as a member of his team)

#4 Never compromise your principles and values for financial gain (Mr. Oh’s refusal to “entertain” Mr. Moon)

#5 Advice from the veteran (Mr. Oh’s advice to Geu Rae on handling Seok Yul “Take charge of the centre”)

#6 Everyone has a role to play in team success; not everyone can be the star (Mr. Kang’s advice to Baek Ki “even if it is not flashy work, it is necessary work”)

#7 Tainted Sales (Geu Rae’s old teacher telling him selling his goods to his friends at the Baduk Academy would defeat the purpose of the task. People would buy from him out of pity or encouragement)

#8 A mother’s pride and joy (Geu Rae mother’s effusive praise of him in front of her relatives)

#9 Cold mind warm heart (Mr. Chun’s advice to Geu Rae on battling office politics)

#10 Life goes on (Business as usual at One International without Mr. Oh, Geu Rae, and Dong Shik)


3 thoughts on “Inspirations from Kdramas

  1. Aw thank you for your compliment. I think it is always useful to reevaluate ourselves and ask us why we are watching/writing about dramas. The reasons change gradually over time. 😉


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