Love’s in the Air

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Tulips Seeing that it is Valentine’s Day, I thought it might be a perfect time to share my thoughts on what makes my list of favourite rom com kdrama tropes.

I am a hopeless romantic at heart and when it comes to genres I am definitely the rom com type. I do watch historical, action, medical and melos especially if the main theme is centred around romance. No horrors! That’s where I draw the line.

However, truth be told I was most pleasantly surprised to see myself enjoying and getting emotionally attached to Misaeng and its characters when it has none of the staple ingredients that I was previously bound by. In fact it is currently my favourite kdrama to date even surpassing My Girl and My Lovely Sam Soon.

My fondness for rom com may be shallow at best. I typically like uncomplicated love stories with happy endings. Having said that, I do get emotionally engaged with melos that have open endings that leave me guessing and allow me to conjure up my own fairy tale conclusions.

One such example is Air City. Despite its brutal reviews and low ratings, I find the story about the running of a world class airport fascinating. I could identify with the struggle Ji Sung had between his duty, guilt for Myung Woo and his love for Do Kyung. That tense filled final scene when Ji Sung asked Do Kyung if she understood him and gently wiped away a tear before boarding the plane to Moscow was one touching scene. No dramas, no embellishments, just simple heart wrenching pain of separating from your loved one and not knowing what the future holds. Wow, that scene still gives me goosebumps to this day.

Air City ep 16 I also draw the line when dramas are filled with excessive embellishments and shenanigans which will lead me to fast forwarding those scenes or abandoning them completely. Although I get that a big bad mother in law is a staple of what makes a kdrama a kdrama, I do cringe if these characters are over the top. I often find myself asking, do real life Chaebol mother in laws behave this way…aka Goddess of Marriage. Is art imitating life or the reverse? Perhaps it is time to pose this question to the resident Korean expert “Ask a Korean”. As such, here are some of my favourite rom com tropes. What’s yours?

cinderella story
hate at first sight
star-crossed love
jerk with heart of gold rich kid
unrequited love
sexual tension

Post-Love in the Air


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