Angry Mom Sprint Review

Six episodes into Angry Mom, I have one adjective to describe it. Splendid!

I am so enthused with this drama, I am doing a sprint review!

Borrowing a slice from my day job, for those who are not familiar with agile software development, a sprint review is typically conducted at the end of a 2 to 4 week sprint (multiple sprints make a release) to demonstrate a shippable product and to receive continuous feedback from its customers. It has parallels to kdrama productions that practice the live-shoot system (not without its perils) where audience feedback is incorporated back into the drama.

So, here I am! My own version of a sprint review one third into the full release of the ‘Angry Mom’ product!

angrymom01  [Spoiler Alerts!]

The Report Card

  • Kim Hee Sun is a gem! I am fast becoming a fan. Why haven’t I seen her before? Not sure how many actresses can seamlessly transform from an overprotective mom to high school kick ass heroine and make it believable
  • Mother daughter chemistry is well done with the right amount of banter and sappy moments
  • Superb casting, no one seems to be out of character; credit to the production for the coherent ensemble
  • The pace is excellent; the layers are getting revealed in appropriate dosages keeping the audience interested without frustrating them
  • In spite of its dark subject matter depicting many gritty, dirty humanity it has brilliance of light hearted humour nicely woven into key moments
  • The level of suspense & cliffhangers, typical of dramas, are not out of place and tastefully executed

Food for Thought

  • Princess Han and her minions; their shenanigans a bit over the top? So far still somewhat adorable but time to tone these down a notch?
  • Characterization of the Vice Principal a tad unrealistic? Even the worst high school in the country couldn’t have put such a pussy character into a Vice Principal position, right? Let alone at a supposedly top school?
  • How long can mom keep up her disguise without weaving a web of lies that get increasingly out of hand and becoming unbelievable? Can’t wait to see how the show can deftly navigate this theme!
  • No Ah is super nice guy and he is starting to show a backbone; phew…sigh of relief!
  • How did a strong, feisty woman like Kang Ja end up marrying a spineless husband? Can’t wait for the backdrop on this one :-<
  • No romance so far which is just fine by me…I don’t ship Kang Ja with anyone…she’s a mom! But I can totally see Bok Dong and Ah Ran ending up together … that library scene was a start!


  • Is Ae Yeon a villian or victim?
  • Is Sang Tae an evil spoiled brat or is that just a facade?

So far Angry Mom is hitting all the right notes with me. It is certainly trending up fast to the upper echelon of my favourite drama list.


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