Trio Kdrama Surprises

Cherry blossoms and spring time bliss brought with it a slew of surprises to my kdrama world, replacing the sombre winter days of kdrama drought.

I tried to like Kill Me, Heal Me based on the raving reviews, but sadly those multiple personalities just made me groggy. Along the same lines, but compounded by poor writing and sub-par acting, I barely made it past episode 5 with Hyde Jekyll, Me. Desperately wanted to love this one since I am a professed diehard Binnie fan but even that did not do it for me.


Nothing else in the coffers made me want to commit until this cycle. After a drought of two months, I am back to kdrama watching again. This time, I am pleasantly surprised with a trio of melos depicting sinister corruption, violence against women, school room bullies, serial murder mystery, and deep seated revenge plots. Funny enough, it is not the romance that kept me reeled in so far.

I was hooked with the Angry Mom plot-lines even before its premiere and Kim Hee Sun made me a believer. See my Angry Mom Sprint Review.


Falling for Innocence came out of nowhere but I decided to take it on as a filler after reading early episode reviews from other bloggers. Two episodes in, I am invested with the characters and want to see more. Ruthless and jerk like he may be, there is a sadness behind Min Ho’s cruel facade.


The power of persuasion got me to watching Girl Who Sees Smells. I am not a big fan of supernatural themes but my fellow bloggers Blue and Snow did a convincing job in their pitches and I took the bite. And they were right, it is surprisingly good. The cutesy romance between the leads was a secondary factor for me as I am intrigued with the crime story, whodunnit theme.

If you are looking for something to soothe your kdrama blues, give these three a try. They have yet to disappoint so far.


13 thoughts on “Trio Kdrama Surprises

  1. Yuei yuei! Blue and Snow are two great chingus ^-^ I personally loved KMHM up to the 19th episode, i’m still refusing to watch the last one because i can’t say goodbye yet >.> Never started Jekyll and i don’t i will do so after all this negative ambiance around it 😀 But i definitely love angry mom and smelly girl for different reasons, the first one being raw, realistic and humorous with thousands of feels and the second one intriguing, captivating, humorous and relaxed at the same time 😀 Yoon Hyun Min is one of my favorite comical actors around, definitely loved his performances in nooni’s (witch’s xD ) romance and discovery of romance! And Jung Kyung Ho was stellar as Kwang Chul on Endless Love! Kim So Yeon seems love enough for me ❤ Are they enough reasons for me to start it? O.O

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  2. Ohhhhh I’m watching falling for innocence too!!! I really did not expect to like it. I just gave it a try, but I was reluctant because the main actress played roles that annoyed me before. Too bad it’s not on free TV, they can’t get major exposure. But it’s a beautiful surprise ^^

    Thanks for the love Mitta, I’m really glad you’re enjoying TGWSS!!!

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