Oh My! Kdrama Overload

Oh My! Five dramas and counting. I have outdone myself this time chasing my kdrama obsession. At this rate there is no possible way, physically and mentally, I can stay on course and still keep my offline life in order. I better right this ship before it sinks to the bottom of the kdrama abyss.

Hence, there are only three possible outcomes for the bevy of newly aired dramas on my watch list; keep it, drop it or park it.

Mitta MDL

[Spoiler Alerts!]

Orange Marmalade

All pre conceived ideals go out the window on this high school vampire story. First two episodes delivered exactly what it promised in the teasers. Mystique, romance, inner struggles, conflicts and charming leads.

Yeo Jin Gu is divine as the handsome class president with a hate for vampires but intrigued by the new transfer student. Seol Hyun is not just a pretty face; her portrayal of the conflicted and detached Ma Ri is surreal. I am equally ecstatic to see my favourite CNBlue holding his own as the edgy rebellious vampire out to protect Ma Ri. All characters are pulling their weight. No free loaders (at least not yet).

Kdrama sensual meter went up a couple of notches with Jae Min waking up to a wet dream? And that slo-mo neck kissing / nibbling scene on the train is definitely not G rated. Wow! Prime time kdrama? Did the sun rise from the west last night? Are we to expect more such tingling surprises? 🙂


Looks like we are heading towards a triangle love and second lead syndrome but let’s hope these are smartly executed and seamlessly interlined within the plots. PDnim, please no backstabbing and cheesy revenges, okay?

For an ajumma that swore off vampire stories I am eating my words!

Verdict: Keep it!

The Producers

I was firmly planted on The Producers bandwagon before its premiere but sadly, I am now stepping off it as we speak. I struggled to finish the first two episodes without fast forwarding. I almost gave up after one but thought I should give it a second shot. Everyone including kdrama deserves second chances, right?

But sorry, no cigars…. I am kinda disappointed since I am a big fan of Gong Hyo Jin. I got lost in the love lines and everything else is a snooze fest for me. I find the premise of a mockumentary uninteresting; it adds nothing and detracts from the flow of the show. And despite constant references to real life productions and cameos by bonafide stars it did not supply enough caffeine punch needed to keep me awake.


There are some brilliant funny moments but mostly they feel flat or contrived. If the intent of this show is to ride the coattails of the Misaeng success, it didn’t work as a slice of life genre with some comedy thrown in. Kim Soo Hyun’s Jang Geu Rae does not make me care for him like I did for Im Si Wan’s. Behind Jang Geu Rae’s facade, one senses a brave, intelligent person struggling to make it in a world he does not belong. Here, all I see is someone meek and boring. IU’s character as the icy diva starlet is underwhelming. At least the two main leads are stepping it up and giving the show some credence.

This is one of those shows that you either like it or dislike it. Probably not too many in the undecided zone. I guess it can be said I am not much of a Park Ji Eun fan as I am now on record to dislike You Who Came from the Star and The Producers. 🙂

Still am a die-hard Gong Hyo Jin fan! But adios until next time!

Verdict: Drop it 

Warm and Cozy

This is one of those feel good light hearted rom-com that does not emotionally move me nor does it annoy me. It has its moments and the picturesque Jeju setting certainly enhances its viewability.

Kang So Ra and Yoo Yeon Seok are easy on the eyes (a perfect complement to the beautiful Jeju backdrop), exude instant chemistry and are very likable characters though the man-child persona (as my blogger friend Snow puts it) is definitely not my ideal type for a romantic male lead. I cringe at his foolish love for the shallow Ji Won.


The meddling Jejudo Ajummas find Geon Woo a turn off as he come across as a rich lazy bum which honestly would have irked me too. The nitpicky model turned Mayor is an interesting twist. Is he a love interest? Or is Hyung going to factor in as well? Who knows? It is Hong Sisters so it is a matter of when not if a surprise or two may be lurking out there.

Warm and Cozy is one drama that seems to be challenging the trend of angst-filled, gut wrenching psychological thriller that has permeated the kdrama sphere in 2015. It is a bit safe, a bit mellow, and a tad ordinary. Its saving graces are the leads, spectacular Jeju (that sunrise, wow!), and a promise of improved storytelling. And I am waiting for Geon Woo to grow up to be a man but until that happens, I am leaving it on the shelf.

Verdict: Drop It

School 2015

I have not watched any of the School series and was not going to pick this one up initially. But, it came highly recommended and I gave it a shot.

The first episode is a bit dark and heavy but I really enjoyed Kim So Hyun as Eun Bi. Despite it’s slow pace, I wanted to see more of her. Her kind hearted soul permeates through despite the pain and suffering inflicted by the school bullies.

She is the mother hen for the orphans in the Love’s House which is so endearing but at the same time heartbreaking since the adults in her school have neglected their duties to protect her.


Kim So Hyun is doing a marvellous job playing two characters albeit twins but ones that require her to explore a wide range of her acting prowess. So far she is handling it just fine.

I have only watched one episode to date but the story is already packed full of colourful characters, complex storyline, tension and mystery. But it feels right and it feels real. I do want to continue watching this one.

But just like fine wine, this one is an acquired taste. To appreciate its grandeur, one will have to be patient and wait for all the dots to connect in due course and it cannot be rushed. This is a keeper for sure but since it demands care and attention I will leave it until I can afford to give it due diligence.

Verdict: Park it


14 thoughts on “Oh My! Kdrama Overload

  1. WEIRD, you don’t seem to appear on my reader. Everytime I visit your blog I see a post I didn’t see there. UGH!!! WordPress!!!

    We don’t have exactly the same tastes but we seem to have quite similar ones LOL!! This is too funny!!

    I dropped Warm & Cozy too, highly disappointed. I am not a huge fan of the Hong Sisters but I wanted to see Kang So-Ra as a lead. People rave a lot about Yoo Yeon Seok too. Jeju is an amazing place visually (I have visited it ;)) Both actors are good but I think the drama was poorly written.

    The Producers also was a crazy stupid mess. Since I read they changed the director for the rest of the show (after episode 2), I am considering giving the 3rd episode a chance, but not anytime soon. I have just started a good one that totally makes up for W&C and Producers (will post about it today). And Mask and Masked Prosecutors start this month, plus My Love Eundong wooohooooo!!

    Orange Marmalade, people rave about it on the internet, but I have never been into anything involving vampires LOL!

    As for School 2015 I am glad you liked it. So far I have watched the 8 episodes that have aired and am not disappointed. Let me know how you feel about it when you start watching it again. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Blue! Glad you stopped by. I was curious about your take on the above since we do have similar tastes. I was starting to think maybe I missed the mark on Producers or maybe I was sleepy when I watched those two episodes since it is trending up on the net. Haha! You and me and Timescout are the minority!

      I totally identify with you about vampires! Though I do enjoy OM (at least the first 2 ep) it is not something I will be jumping all over in the future. Now that I have dropped W&C and Producers and FFI/GWSS have wrapped up, I will have room to pick up School 2015 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, I’m sort of a veteran of juggling several dramas at the same time but it does get rather tedious after a while. 🙂 As it is I just gave both Producer and Warm&Cosy ‘das boot’ too. Could’t muster up enough interest in either. When I’m struggling even to start an episode, it’s a sure sign to let go. Not that I’m all that sorry, my roster is kinda full as it is, ha.

    Liked by 2 people

    • HaHa! am not the only one that gave those two ‘das boot’ 🙂 You are absolutely right, when it takes ‘work’ to like a drama, it is time to let go since there are so many choices out there.

      Just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, one’s taste in drama is equally beholden on the recipient and I totally respect that. And that gives us diversity, creativity etc. But in my case I sometimes wonder if it is the generation gap 🙂


  3. I share your sentiments actually. Five dramas feel like a big commitment because the process of keeping up with them is no easy feat! Although I can’t believe Smelly Girl has ended, I’m glad since that means I can cross one drama off my currently watching list!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I’ve still not started Producers. Hmm…looks like I’ll have to find out myself if that show is for me or not….because views differ so much…some are loving it and some are disliking… Let’s see…actually ep 1 is nearly 1.5 hour long and this is the reason I’m taking so much time to start it. But now that I’ve finished Smelly Girl, I’m free to give it a try 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • HaHa Snow! You have so many dramas on the go too! You will have to absolutely love it to carry on with the 1.5 hr format. I kept looking for reasons to like it but just could not connect with the characters. Good luck! Maybe you will find the gems that I did not!

      Liked by 2 people

    • Yeah you will really have to see for yourself. When Mitta says in the post that it’s one of those dramas that you either love or hate she’s right. I “parked it” only because they changed director after the 2nd episode, since apparently it hasn’t been well received. So the new one might change the direction of the show? I don’t know, I’m only “considering” giving the 3rd episode a shot but even then I am not sure. 3 good actors are part of this mess, it almost feels like Hyde Jekyll Me, only this time I got annoyed from the start.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I watched 2 eps and I love it! Hehe…looks like I’m one of those who are in the ‘love’ category 😉
        I actually enjoyed the new format of interviewing characters side by side…as they are so funny….I haven’t laughed so much in any drama recently…so yeah…I liked it a lot!

        Liked by 2 people

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