Happy Father’s Day Kdrama Dads!

I was browsing through e-cards yesterday to find something unique and creative that sums up my appreciation for my dad and stumbled upon this quote. There are so many good ones honouring dads on Father’s Day but this one speaks volumes to me.

Keeping up with my Ode to Mom tribute to my lovely pastime moms on Mother’s Day, here’s my salute on Father’s Day to the fabulous kdrama dads that have graced our small screens. Though this make belief world is pretty much a woman’s domain, it would be a shame to ignore the dads, right?

Most Noble Dad (Park Chul, Doctor Stranger)

In the height of North South political tension Doctor Park Chul sacrificed his life for his son and his country. And while Dad might first appear distanced and unfeeling, his love for his son is unquestionable. He has a reason to restrain himself to protect Park Hoon from being used as a political bargaining chip. This wonderful father-son relationship brought me to tears. These were short lived moments in the show but ones that got imprinted in my memory and they surpassed the OTP feel-o-meter moments for me.


Most Understanding Dad (Oh Gi Dong, Playful Kiss)

Oh Gi Dong is a single dad with a spunky and unrelenting daughter who dreams the impossible dream of landing the smartest kid in school. Dad would dearly love for Ha Ni to find a boy who is one of their own in terms of compatibility and someone that will inherit his noodle shop but it was not to be. Though Ha Ni is in the bottom echelon of the IQ pecking order, her tenacity, strong mind and loving persona wins everyone over. Dad keeps her grounded but also believes in her and supports her unlikely dreams, but is always there to pick her up when she falls and needs a shoulder to cry on.


Most Adorable Dad (Kim Gwang Soo, Emergency Couple)

Who can forget Baby Gook and his naive but well meaning dad, Gwang Soo? He first came across as the free loader son-in-law but this Mr. Mom quickly won us over with his kind and loving personality and was the perfect catalyst for the somewhat dysfunctional family.


Most Funny Dad (Chief Oh, Misaeng)

For those of you who follows me probably knows I mention Misaeng almost constantly. Yes, you are right. I ADORE Misaeng and finds almost no fault in the show. So it is no surprise Chief Oh makes my list 🙂 His interaction with his sons especially his eldest is very funny but equally moving. He is no perfect dad as he constantly puts work ahead of family and like all well meaning, guilt ridden dads, his love often translates into more unhealthy fast foods (pizza and fried chicken) for his very appreciative and deserving boys.


Most Forgiving Father-in-law (Ma Tae Seok, Falling for Innocence)

Ma Tae Seok not only loses a loving son but also learns that his son’s heart was transplanted to keep his “enemy” alive. This coincidence could easily have driven a man to insanity, wallows in self pity and blames the Gods for his misfortune. Instead he goes on to forgive and cheer for Min Ho after the latter redeems his ways. And to top it off, he counsels his “daughter-in-law to be” to accept the new Min Ho and begs her to live her life without guilt. Aww…don’t you want to adopt him as your father-in-law too?


Most Generous Father-in-law (Park Yi Moon, Legendary Witch)

Park Yi Moon is not only young at heart but he is fun loving, generous, and a well rounded nice man. After he lost his daughter, he embraced his son-in-law and granddaughter into his humble home adjacent to his laundry business. But his heart belongs to the one elusive prisoner with a past. He stood by Bok Nyeo and gave her a place to call home when she was released from prison. And eventually also welcomed her prison daughters and the loud mouthed Young Ok into his family. While he patiently awaits for Bok Nyeo to accept his love, he helps her adjust to life after prison and search for answers to her past.


Most Awesome Looking Dad (Kim Do Jin, A Gentleman’s Dignity)

Is there any better looking father-son combo when it comes to kdrama? Colin may have sprung out from no where but if there was any doubt whose son he was, based on looks alone, who could it have been other than Do Jin’s? Haha…I am sure this was intentional but can’t say I disagree.


Most Deserving Stepdads (Detective Oh, Girl Who Sees Smells and Chae Chi Sho, Healer)

Thanks to my blogger chinggus, Blue and Snow, I was reminded that I had left out these most deserving stepdads! And they definitely deserve mention. Being a stepparent is one tough act. It takes one amazing person to take on another’s child and love him or her as their own.

Detective Oh is the overprotective stepdad from Girl Who Sees Smells who constantly reminds Cho Rim to be on the lookout for strangers. He adopted her when she lost her parents and had no memory of her previous life for no reason other than a selfless act of wanting to protect her from the lunatic that killed her parents.


Same goes for Chae Chi Sho from Healer. This kind hearted lawyer and defender of the weak, turned cafe owner adopted Young Shin from an orphanage and gave her a home, unconditional love and a sense of self worth.


There! My very own kdrama dads wall of fame. Did I miss any other deserving dads?


5 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day Kdrama Dads!

  1. Loved this post, there are some awesome dads in Kdramaland. Ma Tae Seok from FFI and Park Yi Moon from TLW were definitely great dads and men!

    Ma Tae Seok was way too good I think, but his reactions were wise, it was neither Soon-Jeong, nor Min-Ho’s fault that his son died, so it makes sense that he wanted to see them happy. Park Yi-Moon was actually very funny and so sweet.

    Fathers that I liked were Oh Cho-Rim’s dad (Sensory Couple), who protected her for years by giving her a new identity so she could live a normal life, and gave her a family to the best of his abilities after her parents died. Young-Shin’s dad (Healer), because he was patient enough for this traumatized little girl when he adopted her, and protected her all the time and showed her what real love was. Sung-Woon (Sweet Secret), who was a very understanding, present and sweet stepfather, he did the job the actual biological father failed to do. Soo-Wan’s dad (Angel Eyes), made compromised his ethics to save his daughter to the detriment of a family, that was terrible but human, and it showed how deeply he loved his daughter.

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    • Thanks Blue! Of course, how can I forget these sweet stepdads. I might just update the post to include most loving stepdad! I know I can always count on you and Snow to come up with more good suggestions!

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  2. The actor you have mentioned for FFI was also in Delightful Girl Choon Hyang and his character in it is one of the best fathers-in-law I’ve seen …loved his relationship with the main heroine.
    Dads in High School King Of Savvy, Answer Me 1997, Healer, King 2 Hearts (female lead’s), Pinocchio, Two Weeks are pretty awesome as well!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Wow! Snow, you’ve got impeccable memory considering the number of dramas you’ve watched! I saw Delightful girl but the dad is escaping me right now! Got to go back and rewind 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha…actually it was simple…I went to see my drama list and then chose all the shows where I liked father’s character 😉
        But yeah…my memory for characters and their impression is pretty strong 😀

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