Summer and kdramas: Shall the twain meet?

Summer heat and kdrama watching….never the twain shall meet (almost true in my case!)

My kdrama obsession has curtailed somewhat lately….chalk it up to summer lethargy from the unseasonably dry mini heat wave rarely experienced in the Pacific Northwest and a slew of other factors; real life and (honestly speaking) dramas that haven’t exactly hit the chords with me.

But one habit that I haven’t let go of; reading first impressions of new shows. Thanks to our very active and very lively community these posts never take a hiatus (unlike yours truly)


Reading these posts have kept me connected with the going ons in the kdrama sphere. Over time, I’ve also gotten to “know” each blogger, his/her taste and preferences. The ones that I follow, though each uniquely different and talented, is a pro and inspiration in his/her own right. All are passionate about kdramas but each lends his/her own individual voice to the process.


After perusing through countless first impressions and early reviews I have settled on two current summer offerings: My Beautiful Bride and Oh My Ghostess; coincidentally both produced by the independent cable networks.

My Beautiful Bride

This one has overwhelming support across the board. I have yet to come across any negative early reviews. The consensus is almost unanimous that this is one show worth diving into.

In a nutshell, it is a crime thriller which OCN is well noted for; backed by writer Yoo Sung Yeol of Heartless City and PD Kim Chul Gyu of Emergency Couple.

The overarching story line is about Kim Do Hyung (Kim Moo Yul) whose betrothed, Yoon Joo Young (Go Sung Hee) has vanished on the eve of their wedding. Shot between flashbacks and present day, this show is focused on Do Hyung’s unusual character and his quest to find his lost bride. He is helped by Cha Yoon Mi (Lee Shi Young), a female kick-ass detective tasked with uncovering the disappearing bride mystery.

This is not a love story so for those looking for puppy eyed love triangle or melo, we will have to wait for another show.


The common theme I keep reading from my fellow bloggers is that this show demands your full attention….meaning no multi tasking! Put that laundry away, get the little ones to bed, finish that dreaded homework and lock yourself up in wherever you do your kdrama watching and tune out all other distractions……it is that kind of show.

If you blink, you might miss a key clue or emotion or sub-plot. And…for those of us non Korean speaking fans, watching subbed version alone may not suffice…reading recaps from our favourite re-cappers the day after is probably a must. This complex story might also just work better as a marathon option. It has certainly intrigued me! And all thanks to these early posts, stills and teasers.

In the words of Dramabeans it is all dark, slick, and grimly beautiful.

Early Review by Timescout at A Touch of Drama
Early Review by Kaedejun at Kaede + Jun
First Impressions by Kwon at Dramajjang
First Impressions by Indigo at POPdramatic

Oh My Ghostess

This one also seems to be garnering good first impressions from the blogging community. Unlike The Beautiful Bride, it pulls at the opposite end of the emotional feel-o-meter. It is described as cute and outrageously funny; and there are tons of positive comments from readers.

The synopsis sounds like a classic love story of a female nobody falling for a handsome guy in the position of power. Na Bong Sun (Park Bo Young) is the young woman possessed by a virgin ghost, Shin Soon Ae (Kim Seul Gi) and she also happens to fall for chef Kang Sun Woo (Jo Jung Seok). And it is not a kdrama unless he is also an aloof and arrogant boss, right?


I am normally not into ghost stories or paranormal tropes but this one has a few things going for me; tvN, the leads, food backdrop and romance. After Misaeng, tvN has proven to me that it can deliver masterpieces so sold! To top it off, the casts are promising actors and who can forget Jo Jung Seok as Eun Shi Kyung in King 2 Hearts?

Like my fellow bloggers, the one common theme everyone is nervous of is the Jekyll and Hyde personalities of Bong Sun. Which personality is Chef Kang going to fall for? The real Bong Sun or that of the Ghostess?

This is one show we can sit back and relax with a big bowl of our staple kdrama snack and wait for the laugh fest to invade our body. 🙂

Early review from Dongsaeng at The Crazy Ahjummas
First Impressions from Snow at The Drama Corner


12 thoughts on “Summer and kdramas: Shall the twain meet?

  1. Rightnow I’m not watching any of these shows either, but I want to give a try to My Beautiful Bride. There are so pretty good thrillers in Kdramaland, I don’t doubt this one is good. But rightnow I am watching the max of shows I can, even had put one drama on hold. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awwww… thanks for the shout-out. I’m not quite sure I’m worthy of it but always happy if my ramblings prove helpful to someone. 🙂

    I haven’t made up my mind about Oh My Ghostess yet, the first episodes didn’t exactly set me alight. Me and romcoms have a rather spotty relationship.^^ At least I didn’t ax it right away.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love to read your drama grab bag and first impression posts. They make me laugh most of the time and based on what you write off and recommend, I get pretty good ideas if I will like a show. So keep them coming!


  3. Great that you’ve zeroed in on these two shows….I’m not even watching My Little Bride but I think everyone is loving it….I’m keeping it for later marathon as I can’t include more dramas on my plate right now! I just hope that I won’t be spoiled before starting it…haha

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Loved the introduction to the article! Had a bit of everything from personal thoughts to the climate playing its own part in your drama journey when connected to real life and so on! 😀
    Thanks a lot for the reference, it’s deeply appreciated ❤ Even though the first 2 eps confused me, the 3rd one worked as the stepping stone for me and then 4-5-6 opened the gates of awesomeness and made me a citizen of My Beautiful Bride's dystopia.
    Oh My Ghostess was(is) in my plans, but a re-exam on the 22nd of June ruined my plans. I still have time to work on a First Impressions article on the first 4 eps and then cover the drama with my thoughts, but i will have to consult my uni-self, my time-dividing self and keep my drama-self's opinion at the end because i already know it and i need the first two opinions first xP I will be honest though, my only reason to watch it is Kim Seul Gi and then because i want something more lighthearted too, because the My dramas, My Love Eun Dong and My Beautiful Bride are heavy on feels. "This is one show we can sit back and relax with a big bowl of our staple kdrama snack and wait for the laugh fest to invade our body. " That's exactly what i need! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      • What frightens the most is that very specific teacher, he wants to help in a way since he offers a re-exam, BUT his re-exams are oral and more difficult than the written ones. He’s into details and about being specific, if you say something which resembles what you have to say but it’s not exactly what it should be it means an X and then the downward spiral begins. But i deeply hope i will be able to pass it against all odds, so that i won’t have to sit for it during September, but then again, given the circumstances, i don’t even know why i asked for a re-exam even if i knew it would be tougher. Knowledge masochist or desperately hopeful? Aish!
        I’ll keep them coming and i hope you will enjoy reading them! 🙂 I may give Oh My Ghostess a shot too to cheer me up and maybe write a few thoughts (= at least a thousand words XD).


        • Ouch! Oral re-exam? Never had one of those before. What if one gets so nervous and stutters? Is this one of those moments the advice ‘imagine him naked’ will help? Fighting and good luck!

          Liked by 1 person

          • I’ve had quite a few but they always make me nervous, on paper you have all the time to think and you chew your gum to control your stress! xP If stuttering happens you miss your chance to pass the exam XD It won’t help because i may start laughing and i will fail before even saying something right or wrong XD Thanks a lot, fighting! 😀

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