Quick Post: Support Dramajjang’s Quest for Justice

Today I want to pass along the excruciating pain and frustration felt by Kwon at Dramajjang when he learned that many of his recaps, reviews and first impressions posts were re-produced word for word on Zkpop.com. And, the sad truth is that Kwon was not alone. There were many other bloggers that were victims of this same misdeed.

Please read Kwon’s heartfelt article. Dramajjang is Kwon (and Hanakimi91’s) baby and this is akin to unjustly losing custody of a child whom one has nurtured and loved for a long time. In his article he has summed it up most eloquently and in typical Kwon fashion, he included in-depth and insightful details on how this violation has affected him and the community.


Please show your support for Dramajjang and other victimized blogs by NOT visiting, reading, liking, and following Zkpop.com. Thank you for your support!

Read Kwon’s Article – The Art of Copy/Paste and Other Dramaland Stories


4 thoughts on “Quick Post: Support Dramajjang’s Quest for Justice

  1. The day of being unable to thank you enough because it would be too less compared to how much i wanna thank you has arrived!!! My heartcells are doing the chincha dance for Mitta chingu! 😀 I will come up with another post today, later on, since that site works in a specific way and they seem to know what they are doing, they are not that naive as they try to make “their” articles appear at times as if they were posted first before the original author!

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