Back to School Kdramas

Hard to imagine. Summer is almost over and back to school frenzy is starting to take prominence.

When fall sets in and the infamous Pacific Northwest rain follows, there’s nothing better than to cuddle up to one’s favourite pastime and mine happens to be kdrama watching.


My backlog of Plan to Watch list on MDL is growing. The good news is as these shows wrap up, I can marathon them. If it is something I thoroughly enjoy I have been known to go comatose on one show in a mere few days. I may wake up groggy and sleep deprived but happy and wanting more.

I am currently watching High Society. Even though many reviews have given this show a thumbs down I am still hanging in there. No different than many that have said before me, the highlight is the second OTP. Chang Soo and Ji Yi are such a delightful couple, acted well by Park Hyung Shik and Im Ji Yeon with a touch of childlike innocence burdened with grown up responsibilities. Both are realistic about their future but their love and belief in each other continue to grow and mature.

High Society02

Sung Joon’s character is a tad stiff and underwhelming but the most disappointing part is the lack of chemistry between he and Uee. I am not a fan of Uee’s acting to begin with therefore my bias is a factor. Yoon Ha’s story doesn’t inspire me and I don’t find myself rooting for her. Though Joon Ki is also lacking, I like that he cares for his family. I enjoy watching the scenes between him and his mother. Maybe because I’m a mom and any show with endearing parent-child relationship always does a number on me. I am a sucker for such scenes whether it is on screen on in print.

High Society01

Next to pull out of my kdrama hopper will be Oh My Ghostess and My Beautiful Bride. And just today I’ve added Yong Pal to this bottomless hopper. My kdrama chinggus have certainly piqued my interest with their funny tweets about the show and Snow’s first impression post also convinced me wholeheartedly that it is a good fit.


Looking ahead to the fall winter doldrums I am anxiously anticipating Song Joong Ki’s Descendants of the Sun. Everything about the show interests me from the casts to the backdrop of doctors and peacekeepers in war zone. The lack of details on the story arc and fuzzy premise is suspect but hopefully renowned writer Kim Eun Seok will produce a masterpiece. These actors can deliver so it is up to the production not to disappoint. Just read Koala’s post that this show is now pushed out to 2016! Hope this means it is is a well thought out quality production when it airs.


And to round it up, I’ve got D-Day on the list and Choi Ji Woo’s Second Time Twenty Years Old. This one sounds so much like Angry Mom minus the dark, gritty parts but it will be a mighty tall order to outshine Kim Hee Sun in the fountain of youth department.


11 thoughts on “Back to School Kdramas

    • Thanks Junny! Very interesting read for sure. I won’t deny that there’s a smidgen of the tiger mom in me. Cross my fingers I won’t turn into one of those evil mother-in-law when the time comes 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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  1. Well, there are a few dramas I’m tentatively thinking of giving a go but with my track record… XD ‘Twenty Again’ looks like the most likely contender. I’m not a fan of Kim Eun Seok’s writing so ‘Decendants of the Sun’ will probably not make the cut, even with the cast.

    Not that I’ll be totally dramaless even if all the upcoming dramas happen to fall through as my List of Doom is pretty impressive, LOL!

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    • Haha! You have very discerning taste for sure. When it comes to writers, I don’t discriminate much as long as the eventual outcome fits my taste. I do have a slight bias when it comes to actors/actresses but even these days Hyun Bin doesn’t automatically get a look unless I can connect with the story 🙂


      • 😀 I do tend to be rather hard to please when it comes to certain things.

        As for writers… I don’t generally pay attention to them but I am more likely to check out a drama if I know the writer and have liked the his/her previous works. Not that it always pans out as there are very few writers who are consistently good. I’ve watched/tried watching several of Kim Eun Seok dramas and the only one I’ve so far truly liked is ‘Lovers’. I don’t like the way she constructs her leads, they usually end up annoying the hell out of me.


        • Never heard of ‘Lovers’. Now you’ve piqued my interest. Got to check it out 😉 But I do hope you are wrong with DotS. Song Joong Ki is one talented actor so cross my fingers he gets to put it to good use 😀


          • ‘Lovers’ is an older one (from 2006), the third and final instalment of KES’s “Lovers” trilogy. It’s probably the 2nd drama ever I watched. Everything was still new and shiny then, so I might feel differently if I watched it today. XD

            Well, I’m not holding my breath that KES has learned any new tricks or reverts from her usual annoying tropes. If Heirs is anything to go by, her writing’s become even more unpalatable.


  2. I’m disappointed we will have to wait so long for Descendants of the Sun 😦 I plan to start Oh My Ghostess here pretty soon too and am pretty excited. Hopefully, it’s as great as everyone says.

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    • Me too! Good thing i’ve got a backlog of good dramas in the hopper. I think Oh my Ghostess is good for a few laughs for sure! Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Oh my ghostess is really good…and the leads are fantastic! Haven’t continued with High Society as I read negative reviews…well, maybe I’ll pick it up later.
    I’m really looking forward to Twenty Again..and Descendants of the sun.

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