Delightful Ghostess

Wow! What a ride!

After a lacklustre summer of kdrama watching I finally finished Oh My Ghostess and I absolutely enjoyed it! It is a wonderful conglomeration of fine acting, funky storytelling, tasteful sprinkles of popular kdrama tropes, a touch of mystery suspense all wrapped nicely into a unique love story.

In this post I will share with you what I love about this show. Reader beware, spoilers included.


Well-crafted characters

I am hard pressed to find a single character that did not belong in the show. Everyone has his/her purpose from beginning to end. Well-crafted characters do not come to life unless they are well-casted. Excellent acting coupled with amazing chemistry simply made this production comes to life and utterly believable. The three main leads perfectly complemented each other. Their looks, acting prowess and fame are equally comparable.


Our delightful Ghostess, is consistent in mannerisms, tone, voice, and personality whether it is Kim Seung Gi or Park Bo Young acting the part. There are other shows where the transformation from child to adult characters fell short for me. So the very fact that I was a believer in Park Bo Young’s Soon Ae is a testament to her superb acting. Yes, there is plenty of aegyo throughout the show but it is not the cringe worthy variety. The cuteness serves to showcase the virgin ghostess story beautifully.


The suave and slightly arrogant chef played by Jo Jung Suk is spot on. He’s got enough charm and nice guy good looks that makes it credible that two women and a female ghost would fall for him. I still remember Jung Suk vividly in King 2 Hearts and was crying my heart out when his character died. His chemistry with Park Bo Young is one to die for.


The Shaman. She reminds me of Ajumma in the Healer. An idiosyncratic but lovable, and fun character. She first comes across as the brash, no nonsense type that is out to catch all the stray souls left on earth but she shows us compassion and heart. The bond between her and Soon Ae rivals a mother-daughter’s. Her friendship with Sun Woo’s mom starts off business-like, a Shaman looking to milk a naive rich woman but her conscience wins over and their relationship turns into one of companionship and respect.


Sun Woo’s mother, Hye Yeong. When she first shows up on screen, I was like “Huh?” She looks so young and it is hard to believe she would be cast as the mother but as the story unfolds it becomes believable and it makes total sense. A highly educated woman with a modern view but one that believes in Shamans and the supernatural. Ironic, eh?


The antagonist. One and only bad guy. Im Joo Hwan did well in this role. The story of a good man possessed by the evil spirit; his soul weakened and the possession made possible because of the hate he has for his cruel adoptive parents, gives the story it’s suspenseful moments. Sung Jae is the doting husband to his invalid wife, the congenial son/brother-in-law and perfect cop. There was no hint throughout the first half of the show of him being the evil presence. The elusive question of how Soon Ae died is always looming out there but the moment Sung Jae left Myeong Ho to die after his fall, the story becomes one of how/why and not who.


The kitchen crew is a tight knit, hilarious bunch, led by the vain and colourful sous chef, Min Soo. The group’s banter is playful and endearing. Though they looked down on Bong Sun in the beginning, the transformed Bong Sun (thanks to Soon Ae) made her one of the guys. They readily break out in dance and song and had me humming “Congratulations…..”


The unique love story

This is a love story after all, the genre says it is a romantic comedy but one that is uniquely its own. It is sweet, captivating, different and ultimately spellbinding.

First you have the one sided, unrequited love of the kitchen help for her good looking celebrity boss. And you also have the classic friends secretly pining for each other love line. And then lo and behold you have a virgin ghostess love story, masquerading in the body of her host and successful in stealing the heart of the leading man.

And finally the new Bong Sun emerges from her shell and even though our Chef was initially confused who he fell in love with, finally recognizes the love of his life. Hopper full of tender loving moments, tantalizing kisses and amazing chemistry.


The friendships

My absolute favourite moment was when Bong Sun and Soon Ae skip down the street surrounded by the steps, arms linked, two friends sharing the same purpose, cheering each other on. Friendship that surpasses what the eye can see, trusting your body and memories to none other than a ghost.

True friendships never waver and this show has plenty of them. Shaman and Soon Ae, Shaman and Hye Yeong. Even the friendship between Sun Woo and So Hyung remain, after the crush is long gone.


Familial love

There were also plenty of touching moments between Soon Ae and her dad. A daughter’s love cut short by her untimely death and a father’s regrets. A brother’s maturing journey from irresponsible son to a young adult ready to take on the man of the house role. It is rare in kdrama where we have the absence of a dysfunctional family and this show is one of those. There is no evil in-law, or the conniving, interfering tiger mom variety. Hye Yeong may be a well meaning meddling mother but when she learned that Sun Woo loves Bong Sun, the lowly kitchen assistant, she did not seek to tear them apart.


The final goodbye scenes had me crying a river, tissue box half depleted. A pleasant surprise to find Sung Jae alive as I was feeling rather sad for Eun Hee. And in typical kdrama fashion, the lovers had to be torn apart but when they came together again, a more matured and polished Bong Sun is well worth the wait. That final kiss had me melting and tingling of happiness. Well done Show! You had me hooked from episode one.



7 thoughts on “Delightful Ghostess

  1. Μitta Mitta Mitta, it’s been some time since you posted something, so i hope that everything’s flowing fine for you! 🙂 Loved your review, it’s one of these dramas that didn’t bother me with anything, everything was flowing the way i’d like it to and both Soon Ae and Bong Sun were more than adorable! The way both of them progressed through their interactions and solely was something i deeply cherished and the moment they had to say goodbye was heartrending through a cleansing aesthetic!

    Liked by 1 person

    • An-nyeong! Yes, admittedly I’ve been MIA when it comes to kdrama watching and blogging. Myriad of reasons but one thing hasn’t changed…I still love my kdramas and I still kinda lurk around all these lovely blogs (including yours) and am still tuned in to your funny tweets (keep them coming!). And, yes, I did enjoy this show very much. It gave me the right balance between the romance, the humour, the human interactions, the suspense etc. Thanks for stopping by and for your support!

      Liked by 1 person

      • It’s great hearing from you! 🙂 If some of these myriad of reasons are getting on your nerves allow me to silently punish them! 😀 Love for kdramas is everlasting, it’s something that can’t change even if there will come a day that all currently airing dramas will be bad, there will always be dramas in the plan to watch list eagerly waiting to be watched! 😀 “It gave me the right balance between the romance, the humour, the human interactions, the suspense etc.” So true, it was so well-balanced i didn’t want it to end, all this certain warmth was too welcoming even when things were getting darker!

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  2. While I agree with most of your thoughts, I do have some complaints with the show. First, the relationship between SW and BS never took the path that I wanted it to…yes, they ended up like the way I wanted but the show missed the in-between portion…just because it wanted to up the funny factor by showing more SA and after a few eps, her cuteness started to annoy me as there was no sign of BS. Also, there were no rules regarding the possession…and nothing much explained about the evil guy either.
    But overall, it was a delightful ride!

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    • Hi Snow! I agree there were flaws for sure and as you mentioned the possession logic didn’t really add up and the SW falling for the real BS was a tad quick 🙂 Normally I would be turned off by the blatant display of cuteness but somehow Park Bo Young’s acting was so natural it was okay for me but I agree they could trimmed that by one or two ep. Thanks for stopping by!

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  3. Nice review! 🙂

    Isn’t it a great feeling when you find a show to truly love to bits? It doesn’t happen all that often (at least to me it doesn’t), so when you do, it’s almost time for a celebration, LOL!

    Ghostess wasn’t my thing but I do understand why so many loved it. Over the past few years I’ve come to accept the sad realisation that romcoms on the whole just don’t appeal to me anymore. A well crafted story with a romance as part of the package on the other hand…

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    • Hi Timescout! I didn’t think this would be your cup of tea. I am actually surprised I like it as much as I did…credit to the actors. I am a sucker for love stories and heartfelt parent/child storylines…:) Thanks for stopping by!


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