Three Day Quote Challenge: Kdrama Inspiration

After weeks of procrastination, I hereby accept the challenge presented to me by the affable Kwon and most recently by the philosophical APC to take on the Three Day Quote Challenge! I sincerely thank them for bestowing upon me this honour and I hope the selection of my quotes and interpretation of them won’t disappoint. Be sure to go check out their awesome blogs.


The wonderful thing about such challenges is that unlike a homework or a mission, there’s no due date nor is there a passing grade that will determine if I graduate or if I get to keep this job. Phew! So here I am completing my overdue assignment. I choose to accept it as a personal development tool. And it also gives me a perfect reason to put up a blog post!

The challenge calls for the nominee to share one quote a day for three days and to nominate three other bloggers to do the same. The beauty of this challenge is that the nominee is free to turn it down or change it up. So no surprises, I’m changing it up.

I choose to include three memorable quotes from kdramas that have lingered on with me long after I’ve watched that said scene. And instead of spreading these out over three days, here they are, all three consolidated into one post. 

Day 1 Quote from Episode 2 of Hanoi Bride

“Marriage is like buying a pair of comfortable shoes. If it doesn’t fit, it’s no use even though others think it is splendid.”

For my first quote I am going all the way back to my early kdrama days. This is from the short two episode Lee Dong Wook drama Hanoi Bride. It was a special project filmed to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War. It was an easy watch, definitely cliche but I did enjoy it.



This is a scene between Eun Woo’s mother and Il Ran’s father. Eun Woo’s mother had just come off ranting her disapproval of Eun Woo’s request to marry Tiv, a poor Vietnamese girl. As a doctor Eun Woo is expected to marry well whereas his brother, a 40 year old farmer, is not expected to find a good match in a society where social order prevails. Tiv is therefore good enough for Suk Woo but not for Eun Woo. But secretly, Suk Woo has been in love with his childhood friend, II Ran, a successful woman, but one who also happens to return his love. In a role of reverse discrimination, Suk Woo is looked down upon by Il Ran’s parents when the lovebirds declared their love for each other.

This is a story about overcoming prejudices, stereotypes and traditions.

Marriage is hard enough work without throwing in the external factors. As the saying goes, if the shoe fits and the love blossoms, that’s all that should really matter, right? Hard to do but true nonetheless.

Day 2 Quote from Episode 3 of Lovers

“Sin is deep but grace is also deep.”
“Our Mi Joo is like you. She’s a sheep that’s lost its way.”

My second quote comes from a 2006 romantic drama Lovers starring Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung Eun. This is a story about an unlikely love story between a gangster and a plastic surgeon.

The below is from a conversation in Episode 3 between Kang Jae (the gangster) and Mi Joo’s dad. He’s a pastor and takes care of an orphanage. 



This quote reminds me of all the lost souls. We’ve all been there in some shape or form. Some of us have fallen deeper into the ravine than others but as the above saying goes, grace is deep. It may take time: days, months or even years, but if the sheep is willing, she’ll find her way home and ultimately right the wrong.

Day 3 Quote from Episode 15 of Misaeng

“What you can forget is no longer a wound. As in all games, once the play has started, you realize how unprepared you actually are. If you want to run away, it’s already too late.”

My third and final quote comes from none other than my favourite kdrama, Misaeng. I could probably quote something from every episode but I am going with the one that made the most impactful impression on me. Misaeng is, after all, one big life lesson.



In this episode, Geu Rae is handed a lesson in sales but what he learns in the process is much more than just selling. It is that, to overcome your fears, you have to enter the lion’s den. Oftentimes, that den is the one within your own heart or in your head.

After failing in his first couple of attempts at selling the cheap underpants and socks, he needs a quick way out to meet the deadline imposed on him by Chief Oh. Hoping his friends at the Baduk Academy would do him a turn, he unwillingly goes back to his dreaded old stomping ground, a place he was supposed to reign supreme but failed. Overcome with embarrassment and a sense of failure, he approaches the steps of the Academy and marches forward, learning this hard lesson one painful step at a time.

How many of us have felt this way? That dreaded moment? The lost face? The last straw? So poignant. I can relate to this one in many facets of my life: in the schoolroom, in the workplace, in sports, in business and also in the home. Only we can face our own fears and take that big step. We can run all we want but as the saying goes, it is already too late. It is how we handle that defining moment that will shape us as we move forward in this game we call life.


And now for the fun part. Again, this is by no means an exhaustive list. Anyone wishing to take up this challenge please feel free to do so. I’m also taking note not to nominate anyone that has already been nominated or has other priorities. And last, but not least, there is absolutely no obligation to participate. It’s your call! Only you get to decide. 🙂

Elle @ WorththeDrama

Cassandra @ ReadAllAboutIt

Indigo @ PopDramatic


4 thoughts on “Three Day Quote Challenge: Kdrama Inspiration

  1. Hi Mitta! Thanks for the nom. I like the idea, and I will definitely accept the challenge (any excuse to put up a blog post, huh!?).

    I like the twist you put on it by selecting quotes from K-dramas you’ve watched, and I think you chose some great quotes. Good job!

    As for me, I can’t really say that any quote from a K-drama has stuck with me. I’ll have to give this one some thought before I post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Elle! Glad you like the idea! Initially I was a wee bit concerned where to get these quotes but once I went through my drama list, they came up quite easily!


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