I’m One Year Old!

I received WordPress Happy Anniversary reminder today. Which means this blog is officially one year old.


Not one to put too much emphasis on birthdays and anniversaries, the importance of such milestones seem to elude me. But today’s reminder is timely as I celebrate three very auspicious occasions.

My mom’s birthday
Lunar New Year Eve
And making it to the one year anniversary of this blog


I’ve certainly enjoyed this one year blogging adventure. There were times I’d thought of giving it up for a myriad of reasons but today, as if the writing Gods were looking over my shoulder, I happened on Julie Zhou’s Write in 2016 post on Medium and it rings so true and speaks so loud that it begs to be shared. So profound and meaningful for us bloggers and writers so here’s the quote that I hope will inspire and keep us plugging away in the midst of creativity drought and elusive reads.

“Write about the lessons now so familiar they can be recited in your sleep. Write about the insights not yet sighted, their silhouettes blurry like the edges of a distant shore. Write about the job, the joy and chaos of designing and building. Write at least once a week. Write to learn how to write, and write to understand, the process itself like a looking glass through which you may yet discover a strange new world. Write so something meaningful can be said to others. Write to be accountable, write with honesty. Above all, write to preserve the scrap of an age, a voice; write so you won’t forget.”

And to my mother, half way around the world in Malaysia, across the Pacific Ocean and time zones, thank you for all the love and support. Happy Birthday!


And to all my readers and friends who celebrate the Lunar New Year, Happy New Year! A time to celebrate with families and friends, for feasting, for looking back, for looking ahead and for giving thanks! Enjoy and cherish the good times!


8 thoughts on “I’m One Year Old!

  1. Happy Anniversary! 🙂

    A fiew days late but for some reason your post did not show up @ my Reader on the 7th. Happens quite frequently these days. Anyways, blogging life seems to wax and vane. Sometimes one has plenty to write about, other times… not so much. I’m glad you are still around.

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  2. Congratulations Mitta on achieving a milestone. Your perseverance paid off and thank you for sharing wonderful insights, drama updates and stories with us. Keep on writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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