Cdrama Surprises: Because of You and Across the Ocean to See You

Holy Moly! Has Cdrama stepped up its game or what? Lately I’ve been watching my share of contemporary cdramas. And I must say the producers from Mainland China has been churning out its share of stay-worthy shows as good as its counterparts from the Land of the Morning Calm.

Because of You

Don’t let the 56 episode tag scare you away. Yes— it is long and Yes— some parts could’ve been shortened and Yes— it is a melodrama with makjang tendencies. But— it’s so worth it!

This is a remake of Kdrama’s Jang Bori’s Here. As I have not watched the original I can’t comment on how it compares to its predecessor but if the kdrama version’s as good as this one, I may just add it to my watchlist.

First and foremost, this production is well-made, well-cast and well-acted. The leads are capable and play their roles with class and conviction. The villains, oh my, they made me grit my teeth and ball my fists throughout three-quarters of the show but it’s all thanks to the brilliance of Wu You as the contemptible Wu Xin and her dorky, shameless mother, Wang Ai Yu. The duo gets away with witchery, spinning lies over the course of 17 years.

Amidst this human sorcery, life goes on blissfully for Zhang Guo Guo, growing up not knowing her fate as the heiress to an esteemed embroidery powerhouse. But truth and destiny will prevail as the power of the plot and amazing acting tie every event together in a journey worth our patience.

Very much a melodrama, with all the angst and tears you’d expect from this genre, Guo Guo and Yun Kai’s sweet and uncomplicated love for each other is secondary only to the main storyline— Guo Guo returning to her roots. Also entwined in all the sub-plots is the enduring message of maternal and paternal love – biological or adoptive, it can be likewise powerful or destructive.

Stellar, stellar cast including little Le Tong. What an ensemble of perfection. Well worth the angst (9/10)

Across the Ocean to See You

Take your usual rom-com, shake it up and reverse all the roles. There, you have it— Across the Ocean to See You.

Su Mang is an executive for MG, a global tourism company posted in London. After her marriage falls apart she asked to be transferred back to Shanghai. A strong-minded, career woman type, her run-ins with her Shanghai staff is classic of typical male protagonists in k and cdramas. Here we see a woman that calls the shots! A nice change indeed.

Zheng Chu is a hardworking, meticulous travel advisor working under Su Mang. A principled individual, his work ethics and strong morals do not escape Su Mang’s perceptive eyes.

The writing is smart and super funny. There is a scene where Zheng Chu literally has his pet parrot on his head while he goes about mothering Su Mang in her apartment.

How original and hilarious! Gotta give it to the writer and Zhu Ya Wen for acting so nonchalant with birdie perched atop his head. All I was thinking, “What if he poops? How many re-takes to get it right?” Haha! 😀

I love the banter between Su Mang and Zheng Chu, alternately playful and frustrated. At the time of this post, I’m only midway through the show but the mad chemistry between the two leads leave you wanting more.

This is an easy watch. No maddening hateful characters that take over the entire show and leave you drained. Romantic comedy with sprinkles of melo. I’m ready for the heartaches and interfering relative trope to pop up any minute now but so far it’s keeping me glued for all the good reasons. 


2 thoughts on “Cdrama Surprises: Because of You and Across the Ocean to See You

  1. If Because of You’ is even half as crazy as ‘Jang Bori’, it’s too much crazy for me. 😀 I didn’t actually watch ‘Jang Bori’ but I read some of the recaps. My, that one was makjang up to the wazoo.

    ‘Across the Ocean to See You’ is on my List and it sounds like something worth checking out. Modern cdramas very seldom appeal to me but every once in a while there is an exception.^^

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    • It is super crazy! If you detest makjang, this one’s not for you. I don’t know why I put myself through this agony. The difference is there’s small redemption along the way. Unlike some melos where you get put through the ringer and get only reprieve at the end, the villains do falter a few times throughout the show. 😀

      Across the Ocean to See You is charmingly different. It is mostly a relationship story but the plot is starting to thicken. Overall, cdramas are much improved in every facet – character development, plots, acting, production etc. Glad to have more options when my kdrama selection dries up 😀


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