Quick Post: Still Here!

Hello there! Sorry for the extended absence. I’ve switched to watching mostly cdramas lately. The few kdramas that I started left me slightly underwhelmed despite its charming male leads. I will be back (hopefully before July wraps up) to share a few of my thoughts on the following shows:

kdramas: Man to Man, Secret Romance, Suspicious Partners
cdramas: Ode to Joy 2, Rush to the Dead of Summer



6 thoughts on “Quick Post: Still Here!

  1. I’m on Suspicious Partners as well, liking the lead couple’s chemistry and the lawyer ensemble. Just hoping the drama can wrap things up smoothly, seems there are still a lot of story threads hanging.


    • I’m at ep 28 but somehow I’m losing interest. Switching over to cdramas for the time being. May come back and finish up just to see how the legal cases wrap up. Interested to read what you have to say about it 😀


      • I think the finale week was pretty good and the drama ended on a fun note. I liked the little twist regarding Hyun-soo and thought it was done pretty well. You’re probably at the angst stage, but I’d say stick around for a bit as there is some nice development on the relationship side of the various characters.

        No more k-dramas for me now that Suspicious Partners is done. Back to J-dramas.


        • Good to know! I do plan to finish it but somehow just don’t feel the urgency to rush each episode. Still stuck on 28 but trust your good judgement! Thanks for sharing 😀


    • Haha! Yes, at least I’m still watching dramas even though putting my thoughts down on paper seems to have taken a back seat at the moment. I’m sure you’re super busy with your new life – hope it is as good or better than the dramas we watch 😀

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