Three Day Quote Challenge: Kdrama Inspiration

After weeks of procrastination, I hereby accept the challenge presented to me by the affable Kwon and most recently by the philosophical APC to take on the Three Day Quote Challenge! I sincerely thank them for bestowing upon me this honour and I hope the selection of my quotes and interpretation of them won’t disappoint. Be sure to go check out their awesome blogs.


The wonderful thing about such challenges is that unlike a homework or a mission, there’s no due date nor is there a passing grade that will determine if I graduate or if I get to keep this job. Phew! So here I am completing my overdue assignment. I choose to accept it as a personal development tool. And it also gives me a perfect reason to put up a blog post!

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Bloggers Award X 2!

Two more awards! I am on a roll! The very talented Blue and Snow have respectively nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award & the Sunshine Award. Both have been steadfast supporters of my newbie blog and I am so very grateful for their recognition.

Google tells me that the Sisterhood Award recognizes the unique voices of women across the world. This is so appropriate as the kdrama blogosphere is definitely dominated by our gender. Sisterhood, girl power, women helping women; how awesome is that?


And also according to Google, the Sunshine Award is given to bloggers who bring sunshine to the blogging world. How sweet is that? Thank you Blue! Thank you Snow!


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Liebster Award Nomination!

Wow, I am so honoured and speechless to have received the Liebster (a German word in origin which means beloved, sweetheart, lover, darling) Award! The Liebster award, is an award given to new bloggers and is given among the blogger community to get to know each other and highlight a newbie. There is an inner voice that says I don’t deserve it which makes this recognition extra special.

I am thrilled to have been nominated by Blue, an amazing writer who blogs about kdrama endings. Her blog is appropriately named K-drama Endings! Please check-out her wonderful and brutally honest reviews.


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