I’m One Year Old!

I received WordPress Happy Anniversary reminder today. Which means this blog is officially one year old.


Not one to put too much emphasis on birthdays and anniversaries, the importance of such milestones seem to elude me. But today’s reminder is timely as I celebrate three very auspicious occasions.

My mom’s birthday
Lunar New Year Eve
And making it to the one year anniversary of this blog


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The Year That Was: Kdrama & More

Not quite the one year anniversary yet but tis the season for year-end reviews and new year resolutions. Jumping on the bandwagon! Here I come, looking back at the year that was.


Rather than a smile, I can bravely say I can look back and laugh at myself. And, yes, I still have a dream, maybe the dream is a tad grounded, a tad smaller, but it is still a dream.

But most importantly, I can look ahead and say I’ve graduated from preschool to kindergarten with a sense of awareness rather than with flying colours. I am more aware of my capabilities and my limitations. And I’ve definitely learned a thing or two about writing fiction and blogging. And despite the ups and down, the good outweighs the bad, the happy moments outweigh the sad and so this whimsical passion will live on for another day.

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Potpourri: Blogging, Writing and Kdramas

Hello! An-nyeong!

It’s harder than I thought…getting back into blogging and writing. Nine weeks is a long time to be away from this craft. The brain’s gone into deep freeze and whatever creative juices I thought I had, had simply abandoned me.

Something to be said about constancy and discipline.


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Quick Post: Support Dramajjang’s Quest for Justice

Today I want to pass along the excruciating pain and frustration felt by Kwon at Dramajjang when he learned that many of his recaps, reviews and first impressions posts were re-produced word for word on Zkpop.com. And, the sad truth is that Kwon was not alone. There were many other bloggers that were victims of this same misdeed.

Please read Kwon’s heartfelt article. Dramajjang is Kwon (and Hanakimi91’s) baby and this is akin to unjustly losing custody of a child whom one has nurtured and loved for a long time. In his article he has summed it up most eloquently and in typical Kwon fashion, he included in-depth and insightful details on how this violation has affected him and the community.


Please show your support for Dramajjang and other victimized blogs by NOT visiting, reading, liking, and following Zkpop.com. Thank you for your support!

Read Kwon’s Article – The Art of Copy/Paste and Other Dramaland Stories

Dream the Dream

Reads, likes, hits, follows, comments, reviews, downloads and ultimately, sales, the holy grail for all writers and bloggers. I have to admit, four weeks into my blogging and five weeks since I self published my first novella, I have been watching these stats a tad too zealously. Continue reading


What a start to 2015!

I shared my short romance novel on Wattpad!
I self-published on Smashwords and e-Sentral!
And I started a blog!

Once I set my mind on something, it is usually gusto full speed ahead. Of course, I researched like crazy, learned new tricks, asked for help and developed a somewhat thick skin in the process.
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