Hello World

Where do I even begin? Why am I starting a blog? What do I even hope to accomplish? These are questions that keep swirling in my head as I start this little adventure in blogosphere maybe 10 years too late?

What should I title my first post? Yes, “Hello World” is over-used and cliche but it gives me a nostalgic feel. It was after all that very first program I wrote as a wide eyed first year computer science student many moons ago. Simple as it sounds, un-spectacular as it is, the truth is, it is timeless. It does the job beautifully.

Hello there Netizens! Glad to make your acquaintance! No matter how you got here, I am honoured and grateful you are stopping by for a visit. And I hope you will stay as I share my love for kdramas and random thoughts on the hows, the whys, the joys, the anxieties, and of course, the lessons learned as an Indie writer.

Thank you!



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