Age of Youth 2: Flawed but Addictive

Like many others who finished AoY2, there’s a feeling of emptiness. Like being invited to a banquet and you leave still hungry.

Age of Youth 2

AoY2 serves up a good dose of AoY nostalgia, a flair of the young and the restless, the innocence of youth peppered with suggestive dark elements. There’s also more attempts at humour. The bickering and shenanigans in Kang Unni’s car give me a few laughs but it is Ji Won’s impersonation of the sexy goddess that tips it over.
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Cherishing Coming of Age Stories: Age of Youth and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Aaah, being young is so, so precious. The springboard to a lifetime of experiences: love, hurt, rejection, elation, the highs, the lows. A young friend of mine recently lamented how she wished she was already in her 30s. Being 20s is hard, she said, finding love is hard, striking out on her own is hard.

I decided to share with her a quote I’d read recently. How I wish I had come across this when I was in my 20s and spent less time counting scores and wallowing in self-pity.

“Time is absolutely marvelous. We get to anticipate the experiences we want to have — which is often more enjoyable than the experiences themselves.” – Benjamin P. Hardy


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