Drama Little Darlings

Gotta say K-dramas and C-dramas are very good at casting child actors in roles that melt your hearts and bring out those “Awww” moments from viewers.

So here are 6 child actors that have warmed our hearts and brought us teary-eyed, gushing unforgettable performances.

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Second Leads Who Deserve Our Love

Unless you are a complete newbie to K-dramas, you’re likely to have suffered the heartrending pain of the second lead syndrome (SLS). Episode after episode, we hang in there whispering inside our head; “Maybe this one is different. Maybe there’s a twist here somewhere.”

You are in denial.
You are crying inside.
You are on the brink of dropping the show.
You finally give up and accept the inevitable.
Your ship’s not gonna sail.

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Happy Father’s Day Kdrama Dads!

I was browsing through e-cards yesterday to find something unique and creative that sums up my appreciation for my dad and stumbled upon this quote. There are so many good ones honouring dads on Father’s Day but this one speaks volumes to me.

Keeping up with my Ode to Mom tribute to my lovely pastime moms on Mother’s Day, here’s my salute on Father’s Day to the fabulous kdrama dads that have graced our small screens. Though this make belief world is pretty much a woman’s domain, it would be a shame to ignore the dads, right?

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