Drama Little Darlings

Gotta say K-dramas and C-dramas are very good at casting child actors in roles that melt your hearts and bring out those “Awww” moments from viewers.

So here are 6 child actors that have warmed our hearts and brought us teary-eyed, gushing unforgettable performances.

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Month of Love: Kdrama Lovers

Tis the last weekend in the month of love! Before the sun sets on the last day of February I’m determined to churn out a second post. After all, I spin up tales of love and swoon over make belief kdrama couples in my spare time so it would be remiss of me not to pen something to mark the most romantic month of the year.

So my friends, let’s fall  in love with a kdrama, get smitten with an OTP, be a fangirl or fanboy for a day and set our hearts a-fluttering.

Before the month started I was already emotionally engaged, appropriately committed and giddily swept off my feet by two kdramas that premiered a decade apart: Lovers and I Have a Lover.


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The Year That Was: Kdrama & More

Not quite the one year anniversary yet but tis the season for year-end reviews and new year resolutions. Jumping on the bandwagon! Here I come, looking back at the year that was.


Rather than a smile, I can bravely say I can look back and laugh at myself. And, yes, I still have a dream, maybe the dream is a tad grounded, a tad smaller, but it is still a dream.

But most importantly, I can look ahead and say I’ve graduated from preschool to kindergarten with a sense of awareness rather than with flying colours. I am more aware of my capabilities and my limitations. And I’ve definitely learned a thing or two about writing fiction and blogging. And despite the ups and down, the good outweighs the bad, the happy moments outweigh the sad and so this whimsical passion will live on for another day.

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The Poster that had me Hook, Line and Sinker

Give me more! That’s me after ten episodes of SBS’s I have a Lover. I find myself mesmerized by this melo and ended up marathoning the first eight episodes over one weekend and then promptly followed up with episodes 9 and 10 as soon as they were aired and subbed.


But imagine the horror I felt when I learned that it is 50 episodes long! Oh dear! Normally I don’t touch dramas longer than 20 epis but I was reeled in before I did my homework. Will I get through the wait or will I lose interest? That’s the million dollar question.

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