Month of Love: Kdrama Lovers

Tis the last weekend in the month of love! Before the sun sets on the last day of February I’m determined to churn out a second post. After all, I spin up tales of love and swoon over make belief kdrama couples in my spare time so it would be remiss of me not to pen something to mark the most romantic month of the year.

So my friends, let’s fall  in love with a kdrama, get smitten with an OTP, be a fangirl or fanboy for a day and set our hearts a-fluttering.

Before the month started I was already emotionally engaged, appropriately committed and giddily swept off my feet by two kdramas that premiered a decade apart: Lovers and I Have a Lover.


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Three Day Quote Challenge: Kdrama Inspiration

After weeks of procrastination, I hereby accept the challenge presented to me by the affable Kwon and most recently by the philosophical APC to take on the Three Day Quote Challenge! I sincerely thank them for bestowing upon me this honour and I hope the selection of my quotes and interpretation of them won’t disappoint. Be sure to go check out their awesome blogs.


The wonderful thing about such challenges is that unlike a homework or a mission, there’s no due date nor is there a passing grade that will determine if I graduate or if I get to keep this job. Phew! So here I am completing my overdue assignment. I choose to accept it as a personal development tool. And it also gives me a perfect reason to put up a blog post!

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