Outstanding Kdrama Ahjussis

They don’t make our hearts go pitter-patter.
They don’t have to-die-for washboard abs.
They don’t grace the drama posters or highlight reels.
And, they definitely don’t get the leading lady.

But these Ahjussis are everywhere in K-drama land. I swear, every time I begin a new K-drama, I say to myself, “Where have I seen him? Wasn’t he just in the last drama I watched?”

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Three Day Quote Challenge: Kdrama Inspiration

After weeks of procrastination, I hereby accept the challenge presented to me by the affable Kwon and most recently by the philosophical APC to take on the Three Day Quote Challenge! I sincerely thank them for bestowing upon me this honour and I hope the selection of my quotes and interpretation of them won’t disappoint. Be sure to go check out their awesome blogs.


The wonderful thing about such challenges is that unlike a homework or a mission, there’s no due date nor is there a passing grade that will determine if I graduate or if I get to keep this job. Phew! So here I am completing my overdue assignment. I choose to accept it as a personal development tool. And it also gives me a perfect reason to put up a blog post!

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