The Year That Was: Kdrama & More

Not quite the one year anniversary yet but tis the season for year-end reviews and new year resolutions. Jumping on the bandwagon! Here I come, looking back at the year that was.


Rather than a smile, I can bravely say I can look back and laugh at myself. And, yes, I still have a dream, maybe the dream is a tad grounded, a tad smaller, but it is still a dream.

But most importantly, I can look ahead and say I’ve graduated from preschool to kindergarten with a sense of awareness rather than with flying colours. I am more aware of my capabilities and my limitations. And I’ve definitely learned a thing or two about writing fiction and blogging. And despite the ups and down, the good outweighs the bad, the happy moments outweigh the sad and so this whimsical passion will live on for another day.

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Delightful Ghostess

Wow! What a ride!

After a lacklustre summer of kdrama watching I finally finished Oh My Ghostess and I absolutely enjoyed it! It is a wonderful conglomeration of fine acting, funky storytelling, tasteful sprinkles of popular kdrama tropes, a touch of mystery suspense all wrapped nicely into a unique love story.

In this post I will share with you what I love about this show. Reader beware, spoilers included.


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Back to School Kdramas

Hard to imagine. Summer is almost over and back to school frenzy is starting to take prominence.

When fall sets in and the infamous Pacific Northwest rain follows, there’s nothing better than to cuddle up to one’s favourite pastime and mine happens to be kdrama watching.


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Summer and kdramas: Shall the twain meet?

Summer heat and kdrama watching….never the twain shall meet (almost true in my case!)

My kdrama obsession has curtailed somewhat lately….chalk it up to summer lethargy from the unseasonably dry mini heat wave rarely experienced in the Pacific Northwest and a slew of other factors; real life and (honestly speaking) dramas that haven’t exactly hit the chords with me.

But one habit that I haven’t let go of; reading first impressions of new shows. Thanks to our very active and very lively community these posts never take a hiatus (unlike yours truly)


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