Second Leads Who Deserve Our Love

Unless you are a complete newbie to K-dramas, you’re likely to have suffered the heartrending pain of the second lead syndrome (SLS). Episode after episode, we hang in there whispering inside our head; “Maybe this one is different. Maybe there’s a twist here somewhere.”

You are in denial.
You are crying inside.
You are on the brink of dropping the show.
You finally give up and accept the inevitable.
Your ship’s not gonna sail.

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Guilty as Charged

I just read a post by Soompi writer hearteu who blogged about her frustrations with the constant overuse of previously beloved, tried and true plot devices such as chaebols, star crossed lovers, hate at first sight in kdramas.

I grimaced but also grinned at the same time while reading that post.

I neither agree nor disagree with this opinion. Everyone is entitled to one, an opinion, that is. In fact I am guilty as charged. My first ebook, 10 Hours in Seoul subscribes to all of the above. Based on this opinion I must surmise that Ms. Hearteu would have been my most severest critic. Continue reading