Drama Little Darlings

Gotta say K-dramas and C-dramas are very good at casting child actors in roles that melt your hearts and bring out those “Awww” moments from viewers.

So here are 6 child actors that have warmed our hearts and brought us teary-eyed, gushing unforgettable performances.

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An Ode to Kdrama Moms!

Mothers. Everyone has one. I am one. Many kdramas have at least one. But kdramas are infamous for the cold hearted diva moms and overbearing, conniving in law moms.

But today, on Mother’s Day I want to pay tribute and celebrate three kdrama mothers that deserve our love and a big pat on the back.


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Finding your ‘Perfect’ Kdrama

2014 ended with a bang in my elusive search for the perfect kdrama. I found “Misaeng”. I also found myself happy and contented with a bevy of good choices that matched my kdrama palette and sensibilities.

I remember when I first started this journey, I would google “Top Ten Kdramas” for a particular year and I would get a large number of results, which was a great help. I would gleefully follow-up on these recommendations and many times, they would be spot on. I fell in love with “My Girl”, “My Name is Kim Sam Soon” and many, many more.

Drama Reviews

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